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Building on the success of its predecessor, the new Zone3 Men's Vanquish Wetsuit has been revamped for 2019 to make it even faster and more comfortable than ever.

Carefully redesigned with specific men's body contouring for a superior fit, the Vanquish is the ultimate triathlon wetsuit favoured by elite and dedicated athletes all over the world.

IRONMAN distance athletes such as Tim Don wear the Vanquish for its exceptional levels of comfort and shoulder flexibility, while Sprint/Olympic distance athletes such as Jake Birtwhistle love its speed and buoyancy.

As well as the new contoured design, the 2019 Vanquish now includes ultra-thin 0.3mm Yamamoto BRS SCS material on the sleeves to reduce the weight and buoyancy of the arms. This helps deliver a faster stroke recovery after the catch phase and also reduces arm fatigue, making it perfect for swims of 1.5km or longer.

The one-piece shoulder panel has been extended from the middle of the chest to the centre of the back. This panel is only 1.5mm thick and made with Yamamoto's premium #40 SCS which is one of the lightest and highest stretch materials available.

This new panel construction delivers maximum freedom of movement and buoyancy, making this Zone3's fastest ever wetsuit.



  • ULTRA-THIN LASER BONDED NECK PANEL: New 1.5mm moulded collar is soft and light, allowing a tighter fit on the body without feeling any discomfort around the neck
  • SENSORY CATCH PANEL: Aeroforce fabric on the forearms for improved feeling and catch in the water. Reduces arm fatigue and improves efficiency
  • SILK-FIT INNER LINING: Innovative Silk-Fit inner lining used on the body and legs. Feels extremely comfortable on the skin, and makes putting the suit on easier than ever before
  • PRO SPEED CUFFS: Pro Speed Cuffs™ on arms and the legs for rapid removal after swims to ensure the quickest transitions
  • DOWNWARDS YKK ZIPPER: Makes the suit easy to put on and take off
  • NEW COLOURS: New contemporary neon colours and detailing looks fantastic




S 163-173 5.4-5.8 55-65 121-143 79-91 31-36 Small
SM 170-178 5.7-5.10 62-70 136-154 89-97 35-38 Small medium
ST 175-191 5.9-6.3 64-72 141-158 89-97 35-38 Small Tall
M 173-183 5.8-6.0 68-74 150-163 97-102 38-40 medium
MT 175-191 5.9-6.3 68-78 150-172 97-102 38-40 slim medium tall
ML 173-188 5.8-6.2 75-82 165-180 102-107 40-42 large medium
L 178-191 5.10-6.3 82-92 180-198 107-112 42-44 large
XL 183-196 6.0-6.5 92-100 202-22 112-122 44-48 X Large
XXL 183-196 6.0-6.5 97-115 213-253 117-127 46-50 XX Large