Women's Terraprene Vision Wetsuit

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The new Vision wetsuit makes a giant leap forward in the ZONE3 sustainability journey. The first triathlon wetsuit of its kind, it features a ground breaking new fully biodegradable material by Yamamoto - terraprene.


Key Features

- New for 2024, Ground-breaking terrapene biodegradable neoprene, and an adapted buoyancy profile.
- X-10 one-piece shoulder panel design extends across the chest and shoulders to give even more flexibility and stroke efficiency.
- B.R.E Body Rotation Enhancement panel on the front chest to help maximise distance per stroke and body roll during the swim.
- Use of 10 different materials to maximise performance, comfort and durability.
- Men’s suit featuring 5mm buoyancy panels on the torso and front legs as well as Aerodome on the hip panels to offer significant core support.



    Terraprene is a cutting-edge biodegradable rubber which, once it reaches its end of life, can be biodegraded in 522 days. Terraprene retains level of performance of the widely adopted Yamamoto SCS material utilised in other prominent suit designs. The ultra-stretch material allows for a maximum range of motion, providing you with the freedom to move unrestricted and perform at your best. Perfect for beginners, experienced swimmers and those looking to upgrade to a higher performance, or more flexible wetsuit.


    Terraprene is a cutting edge rubber by yamamoto that offers the same quality and performance you know and love from our other yamamoto neoprene wetsuits.

    It has one key difference.

    Once it reaches the end of its life as a wetsuit it can be added to your normal waste, and in landfill the terraprene will biodegrade by 30% in 522 days. Let's be clear, the suit will ONLY biodegrade once it is disposed of into compostable conditions, and not while it is still in action.

    However, if you want to go one step further, we will accept the return of the Vision wetsuit at end of life and we will strip out all recyclable items such as zips and linings for recycling, before sending the neoprene to landfill to biodegrade.