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Wing 20C+ With Aerobar Bracket Kit

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 This bar is perfect for riders who wish to achieve lower positions than are possible with standard aerobar designs. Unlike other low stack bars it allows fine-tuning of the stack height so the rider is not limited to only one arm pad height. With the Race armrests fitted it is tailored towards riders who intend to be low and narrow to punch the smallest possible hole through the wind.The Wing 20C+ features our updated basebar shape that is optimised for aerodynamics as well as strength and stiffness.

*Note:  Sold as just a Basebar and Bracket kit only, extensions sold separately.

The basebar has the option for adjustment,  turning the bar over changes the height of the hand grip and the aerobar by 20mm.

The Wing 20C+ offers a combination of aerodynamic integration and supreme fit range. With the change in spec comfort for most users will be increased alongside the performance advantage of lower weight.


  • Armrest offset: -92.5mm to -10mm in 7.5mm steps
  • Armrest Width: 124mm to 254mm in 18.5mm steps
  • Armrest Stack: The minimum is 64mm to 84mm 

Accessory Options

Designed to be paired with Profile Design Extensions - Carbon or Aluminum Versions

The WING 20C+ is ideally paired with the Tri Stem and HSF/Aeria bottle.

  • Tri Stem
  • HSF/Aeria Bottle


  • Basebar Width: 42cm (Center-to-Center)
  • Internal Cable Routing: Yes (Stem or Back of the Basebar)
  • Di2 Compatible: Yes
  • Bracket: Aeria Ultimate Forged
  • Armrest: Not Included
  • Extension Length: Not Included
  • Extension Clamp Diameter: 22.2mm
  • Bracket Tilt Adjustment: 0-15°
  • Pursuit OD/ID: 24.1 / 18.9mm
  • Construction: Carbon
  • Color: Matte Black