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WING/A TT Triathlon Base Bar

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  • The WINGa is the successor to our popular T2 Wing aluminium tt/triathlon base bar
  • The WINGA is designed to offer the first step in optimising a bike for aerodynamics - the raised grip and wider clamping area are aimed towards offering comfort to the rider
  • The WINGa has a formed wing section for enhanced aerodynamics and routing designed to keep cables out of the wind
  • The WINGa is available in a comprehensive size range to offer the correct fit for any rider
  • Importantly, the clamping area width increases as the width of the bar increases to allow larger riders to use a wider elbow position in the aerobars
  • The WINGa can be used with any Profile Design clipon aerobar, brake lever and stem option
  • Available in widths 40cm - 46cm in 2cm step increments
  • 285g for 42cm versions