Men's Activate Trisuit

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The latest Activate range is better than ever, with updated graphics and the addition of a lightweight and high stretch waffle back panel for maximum breathability and a comfortable fit.


Key Features


High powered Lycra Sport fabric: This highly breathable material controls temperature and is used on the front of the upper body and leg panels to maintain modesty and coverage. 

Waffle back panel: The back panel is constructed using an extremely lightweight and high stretch fabric with a waffle structure to give maximum breathability and comfortable fit. 

Tri-lite pad: Small and neatly positioned pad features varying thickness levels and fine-line stitching to ensure comfort, reduce irritation and minimise saddle pain.

Elastic Technology: Gives a snug fit without any discomfort around the arms and neck. 

Front Zipper: For extra ventilation during the cycle or run.

Silicone UFO leg grippers: Positioned on the inside knee to prevent any movement and limit potential irritation.

Stylish Flat locked stitching: Designed for maximum strength and minimum discomfort against the skin. 

Storage pockets: Twin pockets located conveniently on the back to store nutrition, spares or valuables. 

This suit is perfect for a first ever tri-suit or if you’re new to the sport but check out the Activate+ range if you’re looking for that ‘something extra’ in terms of performance and aesthetics.




Our Activate range has become a staple of the triathlon world, rightfully gaining a reputation for being a super high-quality product, offering extremely good value. The collection, including the Tri-suits, tops and shorts, launched in 2014 and has since been used by thousands of athletes all over the world. 

We originally designed the Activate range for beginner triathletes or those looking for a great value suit to train in. With this range, we’ve encouraged participation in multisport by giving the entrants a high-quality product, that’s top of the market but at a more affordable price.


Size Height   Weight   Chest   Waist  
X Small 157-170 5.2-5.7 54-60 119-132 81-86 32-34 66-76 26-30
Small 168-178 5.6-5.10 62-72 136-158 86-97 34-38 71-76 28-31
Medium 170-185 5.7-6.1 68-78 150-172 91-102 36-40 79-84 31-33
Large 175-188 5.9-6.2 78-86 172-189 102-112 44-48 91-102 36-40
X Large 178-196 5.10-6.5 85-95 187-209 112-122 44-48 91-102 36-40
X X Large 178-196 5.10-6.5 90-105 198-231 117-127 46-50 91-107 36-42