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Speed, speed, speed. Whether it’s on the track, during a triathlon or a time trial, detail counts when maximising speed and saving energy. Aerodynamic performance lays in these details. In order to help athletes all around the world achieve the best performance possible, we designed a brand-new helmet: Volante.

Shaped by air, tested and tested again to create the perfect aerodynamic helmet. The helmet is made to interact with your time trial position to cheat wind and drag. The tail guides airflow smoothly over your shoulders empowering you to cut through the air. A small frontal area and waterdrop shape cut wind resistance to reduce your drag. This is combined with a wraparound magnetic visor that provides improved aerodynamic performance, but also comfort. The end result is the Volante helmet reduces drag by 1.56% when compared to the Lazer Victor helmet at 51kph.

The lens (available in a smoked or clear finish) can be installed and removed with ease thanks to it’s magnetic fittings. 

To improve the comfort and ease of use even further, the helmet also has a side closing buckle and the new Lazer Tilt fit system which allows the helmet to be adjusted both horizontally and vertically ensuring optimum fit. 

To keep you cool the helmet has bottom-shell ventilation and aerated padding, which keeps the air flowing and absorbs sweat. 

The helmet even features a storage section in the back of the helmet allowing you to add ice for additional cooling or for storing a ponytail. 

With all the features combined, the effect is aerodynamic supremacy with the best possible comfort. 

Weight: 340g (Size Small)

    Aerodynamically superior

    Smoked magnetic lens included, clear available seperately

    Panoramic lens shape leaves peripheral vision unimpaired

    Side buckle

    Tilt fit system

    Bottomshell ventilation 

    Aerated padding

    Storage area for ice and ponytails