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Aeria EVO/35a/Ergo Carbon Matte Aerobar System

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  • The Aeria Evo is an update of our well proven Aeria bar
  • We have evolved the fit range of the bar with new brackets, and extensions that add the ability to tilt the entire assembly, as well as letting the armrests go much narrower than the first generation design
  • There is a 40mm range of extension length adjustment once the extensions have been cut
  • The bracket can be tilted by up to 10 degrees
  • There are 100 distinct position options achievable just by moving the armrests
  • The new Ergo armrests increase rider comfort with a smoothly curved shape and expand the fit range with an expansive set of adjustment options
  • This bar is intended for riders who prefer an upturned grip on the basebar, compared to the flat grip on the Aeria Ultimate
  • It also matches with standard stems better
  • Fit data:
  • Armrest offset - 66mm to 1.5mm in 7.5mm steps
  • Armrest Width 100mm to 266mm in 18.5mm steps
  • Armrest Stack 56mm to 80mm* in 5mm increments (*with spacer kit)
  • System weight: 809 grams