Evo Bag

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  • 100% waterproof expandable pouch
  • keeps your wet/sweaty/dirty gear separate from dry gear
  • Perfect for wet/rough surfaces when getting changed.
  • Water resistant outer material deflects rain/dirt.
  • Fully functional size for sport
  • Packs in all your gear but is compact & convenient.
  • Plenty of pockets to keep your stuff in, including zip, mesh and waterproof pockets.
  • Great size for travel and other pursuits. Airline carry-on approved.



Building on the experience of our XBag – now one of the most popular triathlon and surfing bags nationwide – we have created a smaller version for everyday sports. The Evo Bag retains the key function of waterproof pocket, in a smaller retro design for those who have less to carry but still want a great looking really useful sports bag. The bag’s outer material is highly water resistant so will deflect water and dirt, but you also have a separate fully waterproof pocket for all your wet/sweaty gear. There are also mesh and valuables pockets for your convenience. The bag is the perfect size for sport – fits all your gear in, but still fits in lockers and handy to carry.


The Evo Bag was created from our own experiences in sports and our desire to design not just a great looking bag, but also a really functional one that takes away a lot of the hassle of changing and transporting your gear. Sports have evolved, finally sports bags have too!