With the triathlon season in the UK and Ireland drawing to a close, how can we avoid the post season blues and keep motivated over the long winter months!!! The beauty of triathlon is that we have 3 sports to keep us busy, and there will always be plenty of related events and activities to keep us occupied over the winter. We have highlighted some ideas worth trying to help you come back fitter and faster next season….



The post season period is the perfect time to hone your swimming skills in the pool. A lot of clubs will structure their swim sessions to focus drills and sets on improving your technique and form. If you train alone, make sure you don’t simply jump in the pool and knock out the usual 30, 40, 60, etc lengths and get back out again. As well as being a bit boring, doing the same thing over and over again changes nothing!! Start with a good warm up, then use your main sets to target areas of weakness, and finally, finish with a proper warm down. Ideally, get a coach on board who can tailor a plan to focus on your weaknesses.


Swimming is by far my weakest area, and with an Ironman booked for next year, I decided to get some extra lessons. This included a video analysis of my swim in an endless pool, and whilst I knew generally what the problems were, seeing it on video brought home the grim realities with a bang!!! The good news is that with some time and effort over the winter (and patience from, I’ll hopefully bring those slow swim times down to something a bit more respectable!!



Whilst putting in the long base miles on the road bike over the winter will help put you in good shape for the new season, why not mix it up a bit by trying something like mountain biking or cyclocross. Events are run throughout the post triathlon season if you want to try something a bit more competitive!



The good thing about running is that, so long as you have the proper clothing and footwear, you can pretty much do it all year round. There are plenty of races available year round to keep that competitive streak fired. If you’re tired of pounding the pavements or just get plain bored on the treadmill, why not try something like trail running, which, as well as being good fun, can be a bit easier on the old joints!!



Hopefully, you have already seen our previous blog on duathlons, but again, with the rise in their popularity, events can almost be found throughout the year. Triathletes in particular find the run bike run format in the colder months very useful for honing their skills and maintaining fitness.


Remember……triathletes do not go into hibernation!!!